Grease Bio M WR


Food grade biodegradable water resistant greases


Formulated with an environmentally friendly additive package to obtain excellent and balance between environmental requirements and lubricating-anticorrosive capacity. Superior sealing capacity and very good resistance to water action, combined with a high adhesion to the mechanism to be lubricated. Thanks to their biodegradable properties they will have better performances and higher efficiency in further water treatments, whatsoever physical-chemical or biological they might be. The eventual contamination of soils, cultures, forests, water, will have a low effect on the environment, due to the high biodegrading velocity, especially when compared to the conventional greases.

Should be used wherever the lubricant is an important contaminating factor to the environment and whenever it is possible that uncontrolled lubricant losses pass to the soil or to water. Suitable for the use in:

  • Forest machinery
  • Public works machinery
  • Nautical mechanisms
  • Various mechanisms in water treatment plants.
  • Water pumping installations
  • Mechanisms in contact with water
  • Protection of car bodies