Ecomax SE

Biodegradable hydraulic fluid from renewable sources

Ecomax SE fluids are a range of environmentally acceptable hydraulic oils based on unsaturated vegetable based synthetic esters. Ecomax SE is formulated with high viscosity base oils which provide very low pour points as well. Its additive package ensures good oxidation stability and possesses good anti corrosion and anti wear characteristics and less impact on aquatic and marine environments.


  • Very high viscosity index
  • High shear stability
  • Good lubricating properties
  • Good oxidation stability resulting in a very long lifetime and reduced cost
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Miscible with conventional mineral oils
  • European Ecolabel reg. number NL/27/002

These oils are recommended for mobile as well as stationary hydraulic systems replacing conventional mineral oils especially in areas with increased risk of spillage or accidental leakage. These installations are usually found in offshore applications and other marine environments such as harbour cranes, subsea and life saving equipment. The right choice of the viscosity depends very much on the working and ambient temperature of the equipment. ISO VG 22 and 32 are more suitable for the lower temperatures where ISO 46 is the most all-round product. In case of higher temperatures choose the ISO VG 68. ISO/FDIS 15380 HEES.