Performance TFD

Waxy PTFE reinforced lubricant

Performance TFD is a waxy PTFE based lubricant. Performance TFD is designed for repetitive movement applications. Moving parts last longer, work harder and need less maintenance when coated with Performance TFD at a wide temperature range of -20 to 120°C and incidental peak temperatures of 150°C.


  • Coin mechanisms
  • Door and window guides/runners
  • Wood working tables
  • Lock parts
  • Saws and planes
  • Rack slides
  • Wood furniture drawers
  • Wood table slides
  • Packaging equipment


  • Aerosol packed for convenience
  • Clean easy application
  • Good adhesion to most substrates
  • Low friction
  • Durable abrasion resistant surface
  • Thin film
  • Room temperature cure
  • Translucent coating
  • Life long lubrication in manyapplications

Substrates to be coated should be clean and dry, free from contamination and residues such as dirt, grease or powder before applying Performance TFD. Light abrasion followed by a solvent wipe will improve adhesion. Typical performance data