Chaintop FLX

PFPE based chain lubricant for very high temperatures

Chaintop FLX is a very special fluid for high temperature lubrication for different applications in many industries. The fluid is and odour- and colourless lubricant based on a PFPE base stock and solvent based carrier making it physically and chemically intert. Chaintop FLX is temperature resistant and inert towards any fluid or gaseous substance (except for PFPE based) as well as ionising radiation.

The fluid is formulated according to FDA regulations


Chaintop FLX is very well suitable for the lubrication of bearings and sliding bearings, chains and mechanisms exposed to extremely high temperatures of over 250 °C. It therefore is used in the production of glass, plastics, paints, chemicals, robots and aerospace in drying tunnels and ovens of whenever the use of a inert lubricant is required