Grease Poly HT Extra

High efficiency organic thickened lubricating grease, high viscosity base oil

New technology high efficiency lubricating grease with a high viscosity base oil. Grease Poly HT extra is formulated with a long life organic thickener, highly refined mineral oil and additive package to provide superior anti wear, EP properties and high antioxidant and anticorrosive capacity. The grease is perfectly suitable for bearing lubrication and for mechanisms exposed to the combined action of high temperatures, heavy loads and water action.

Grease Poly HT extra is specially intended for the lubrication of mechanisms operating in severe conditions, more specifically in conditions such as those found in continuous casting bearings which are operating under high service temperature and pressures and where big quantities of cooling water and contaminating materials are present.


  • Superior behaviour and stability to high temperatures
  • High mechanic work stability
  • Low consistency variation with temperatures increase
  • Very good resistance to water and water wash-out
  • Excellent sealing capacity to avoid contamination
  • Very good flow characteristics in a wide temperatures range.
  • Long life
  • Excellent pumpability
  • Long line centralized lubrication pumpability