Grease Poly HT 2-XS

High efficiency organic thickened lubricating grease with HVI synthetic base oil

Grease Poly HT 2-XS is a new high performance multipurpose lubricating

grease intended for operating in a wide temperature range from –50 up to 180 ºC continuous temperature and 220 ºC peak temperature.

The product is formulated with innovative organic thickeners provided with high chemical and thermal stability together with high viscosity index synthetic oils showing outstanding lubricating capacity and resistance to aging.


  • Bearing operated with medium and high speed
  • Electrical motor bearings
  • Fan bearings, exhausters, pumps
  • Bearing of oven wagons
  • Bearings and drives in cooling systems
  • Bearings of drying tunnels
  • Bearings in conveyor belts
  • Bearing and bolts in chains operated under strong temperatures variations
  • Plain bearings and joints in plastic-plastic and plastic to metal contact
  • Lubrication of wire guides, plastic bearings and slides