Formmax SP

Concentrated water soluble concrete release agent


Formmax SP is a concrete release agent formulated optimizing complete release of concrete forms especially when using moulds and forms made of iron and wood. In comparison with Formmax DH fluids this product is water soluble and has excellent results even at lower temperatures.

Formmax SP can also be used to protect moulds from rust, by impregnating them with the concentrate. By protecting them, mould can be kept and stored in perfect condition.


  • Operator friendly
  • No dust on pieces
  • Longer mould life
  • Good finishing and fast release
  • High efficiency
  • Economic in use


Dilute Formmax SP 1:4 or 1:5 with water. Water hardness maximum 400. Apply by brush, roller or spray. The emulsion should be mixed by adding Formmax SP to water, not in the reverse order, and shaking slightly as it dissolves easily.