Heatmax HT 66

Synthetic organic based heat transfer medium


Heatmax HT 66 is a fully synthetic heat transfer fluid with excellent thermal stability, designed to offer outstanding performance in heating and cooling systems. The product will not crack and thermally break when operated at elevated temperatures while at the same time its’ low pour point makes it a very all-round medium for use in cooling or as a solution for equipment in cold environments with frequent start-stop activities. Equipment running on Heatmax HT 66 show increased reliability and will eventually bear less maintenance costs.


Heatmax HT 66 is suitable for use in liquid phase in closed, forced circulation thermal systems as long as bulk temperature does not exceed 350 °C and performs best between 250 °C and the given upper temperature limit. The product offers safe operation in indirect heating of many types of industrial processing equipment such as heat exchangers, driers, vessels and reactors.


Enhanced thermal stability even at 350 °C
Maximum film temperature 380 °C
Excellent low temperature fluidity
Enhanced safety thanks to high boiling point
Non corrosive