Hydromax FR-E

Fire resistant hydraulic fluid

Hydromax FR-E is a long life hydraulic fluid with high flash point synthetic ester, provided with good lubricating properties and long equipment life. Meets the requirements of ISO 6743/4 standard as fire resistant HFDU and ISO 15380 HEES class. Hydromax FR-E can be applied as hydraulic fluid whenever operating close to heat source. Hydromax is highly biodegradable so small leakages will not cause contamination.


Hydromax FR-E is suitable for hydraulic applications in:

  • Hot rolling
  • Continuous casting
  • Ingots conveyors
  • Metal casting
  • Stamping, forging and sintering
  • Thermic treatments ovens
  • Welding machines
  • No special care is required when handling this product. Hydromax FR-E is compatible with most of the joints rubbers of the mineral oil operated circuits. Natural rubbers and polyurethane are not advised.