Geartop PAO

Synthetic gear and bearing fluids

Geartop PAO gear oils are range of lubricants particularly suited to gear applications operating under extreme conditions. These products are formulated with PAO synthetic base stocks in order to provide performance superior to conventional mineral oils. Furthermore Geartop PAO series are fully compatible with mineral products and guarantee a smooth change over. The product provides significantly improved load carrying ability, excellent wear and rust protection, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point, outstanding oxidative stability and cleaner systems.

Gear applications operating in extreme service conditions and applications where extreme temperatures (both high & low) occur.


  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
  • High operating temperature range
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Energy reduction up to 3%
  • Improves cleanliness
  • Extended lubricant life
  • Compatibility with most common paints, gaskets and seals
  • Good compatibility with mineral based lubricants