Sol Plus 10

Biostatic soluble coolant

Sol Plus 10 is a biostatic metalworking fluid, developed for the extremely demanding application in most types of machining operations which require water based solutions. The product is formulated from selected materials which will not support sump bacteria, which are the cause of separation of conventional emulsions, smell problems and corrosion of components and machine tools.

Sol Plus 10 is suitable for a wide variety of machining operations, turning, milling, boring, tapping, sawing, on ferrous metals, cast iron, steel and its alloys and aluminium. It is formulated to meet the exacting demands of modern production engineering techniques.


  • Does not form sticky deposits on machine surface
  • Good swarf settling properties
  • Eliminates bacteria growth
  • Operator friendly
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Does not contain nitride, chlorine or phenols
  • Excellent service life
  • Economical in use