Sol 50 D

Grinding and general machining soluble coolant

Sol 50 D is a semisynthetic metalworking fluid which forms stable micro-emulsions when mixed with water. Thanks to the special bacteriostatic character the fluid ensures a great biological resistance, it is not necessary to add biocides or fungicides. The emulsions life time is longer compared to conventional products non-generating additional maintenance costs. The product has no negative impact or side effects on operators and protects the machine from rust.

Sol 50 D is suitable for a wide variety of machining operations and grinding on all grades of steel and cast iron. The product is suitable for centralized systems and independent machines.


  • High anticorrosive properties
  • Good cooling
  • Excellent service life
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Does not contain nitrite or chlorine
  • Does not form sticky deposits on machine surface
  • Economical in use