Chaintop MT

Synthetic medium and high temperature chain and lubricating fluid


Chaintop MT is a range of synthetic fluids developed for the lubrication of chain systems, bolts and roller chains, sliding tracks and plain tracks. Operating at medium and high temperatures. Chaintop MT are chemically stable fluids, thermally stable and reduce the evaporation residue. They can withstand high temperatures during a long period of time and are excellent anti wear agents and excellent lubricants with enhanced penetrating properties.


  • Enhanced penetrating properties
  • Chemically and thermally stable
  • Burns clean leaving minimum residues
  • Excellent wear inhibitors and good lubricants
  • Neutral behaviour towards negative influence of by-products in f.i. textile industry
  • No staining
  • Keeps slides and chains clean
  • Long relubrication intervals
  • Very good cold starting properties