Airtop DI

Synthetic di-ester based compressor lubricants

Airtop DI is a combination of high-grade synthetic ester base fluids and specially engineered additive systems. This product is used successfully for the long-term lubrication all kinds of compressors, such as screw, rotary vane or reciprocating (piston type), roots (lobe), claw etc. vacuum pumps. 

The nominal operating range is –15°C to 230°C. Airtop DI offers high performance protection of machines operating under extreme conditions: high load and temperatures, compressing reactive and dirty gases, intermittent operation, in warm or cold climates and in mobile applications.


Lubrication of screw, rotary and reciprocating air and gas compressors. May as well be used as vacuum pump oil and ashless technology hydraulic oil.

Performance level

DIN 51506 VDL
ISO 6743-3A DAJ
DIN 51524/2