Foodmax Mammut Oil

Sugar dissolving chain lubricant for the food industry

Foodmax Mammut Oil is a food safe lubricant specially developed to dissolve sugar from chains, slides and moulds. It has been specially developed for the confectionary market and is available in two viscosities. Foodmax Mammut Oil is NSF approved.

Foodmax Mammut Oil is developed for use on chains, sliding surfaces and moulds where build-up of sugar is seen and will eventually cause problems. The fluid will first clean the chain and remove the sugar build-up and then lubricate and will prevent from corrosion and new sugar accumulation. This makes the fluid extremely suitable for use in sugar, pastry and candy processing plants. Foodmax Mammut Oil can also be used on the chains of flow-wrapping and general packing equipment by allowing them to run smoothly and result in a more efficient operation. Can also be used on hatches, springs and hinges and for the lubrication of conveyor belts and generally for every application where sugar contamination is a problem. In bakeries and pastry production the fluid will perform excellent in dough cutters and dividers.