Foodmax Air PAO

PAO based high performance food grade compressor lubricant

Foodmax Air PAO oils are food grade, non-toxic synthetic oils developed for all types of compressors used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Foodmax Air PAO offers enhanced performance in extremely demanding applications and shows excellent results in protection against wear and readily separates from water and air hence the fluid’s ability to keep a lubricating film at all times even under the most challenging circumstances. Thanks to the latest available technology incorporating ester oil the fluid offers increased protection from internal wear and sludge formation whereas it will clean from the inside and dissolve any formation from pump components. This same technology provides better heat control and minimizes oxidization by keeping the fluid in a better condition offering a longer lifetime of the lubricant. Next to that Foodmax Air PAO possesses enhanced water separating ability to prevent from lubricant failure and increased oxidative stability into longer drain intervals and less tendency to lacquering.

Foodmax Air PAO is suitable for all types of compressors designed to operate in applications where ISO 46 and ISO 68 oil viscosities are used. Particularly suitable for use in rotary screw compressors. For optimum results, it is important to purge the system of the previous oil prior to recharging with Foodmax Air PAO.


Low friction coefficient provides excellent lubrication and reduces wear
Increased lifetime
Compatible with system components
Reduced oil consumption
Will reduce varnish and lacquering
Fully synthetic oil provides extremely wide temperature and oxidation stability ensuring greatly extended servicing intervals