Foodmax Freeze

Food safe heat transfer medium

Foodmax Freeze is an inhibited propylene glycol based fluid for use in HVAC systems(heating, ventilation, air conditioning), industrial heat transfer systems, food industry chilling and freezing systems. The product protects systems down to -50°C and eliminates the cost and nuisance associated with freeze damage. Foodmax Freeze solutions can protect systems down to a temperature of -50°C preventing cracked pipes, broken valves and coils and other freeze damage associated with the use of plain water. Plain water and uninhibited glycols are notorious for their corrosive attack on many metals, Foodmax Freeze offers enhanced corrosion protection at the same time by prolonging the life of plant capital and will increase safety by eliminating the risk of leakage for food and non-food applications. Its inhibitor package minimises effects of corrosion by buffering the organic acids that form during normal system operation.

Provides improved heating and cooling efficiency for hospitals and (food) industrial units; Extends the temperature range of water for both low and high temperature industrial testing baths. Provides superior corrosion protection. Foodmax Freeze is an excellent chilling medium for ice skating rings and heating medium for ice snow melting and removal systems. Also prevents freeze burst problems in schools, offices, vacant property, caravans etc. Protects water systems in marine and recreational vehicles from freezing and bursting. Propylene glycol may be used in the food at levels not to exceed good manufacturing practise (see table below) Moreover all additives used in Foodmax Freeze are food grade materials.