Grease Lithium Complex EHG

High efficiency grease designed for heavy loaded mechanisms operated in a wide range of temperatures

Grease Lithium Complex EHG consists of a lithium complex soap thickener and high quality highly refined mineral base oils, synthetic polymers and graphite to provide a very stable and adherent lubricating film. Will resist high loads, shock loads and high temperatures. Will also avoid penetration in the bearing of moisture and dirt because of the excellent sealing capacity.

The product is provided with a special lead, chlorine and sulphur free additive package, reducing possible contamination and staining. Thanks to the high dropping point this grease is capable of working under conditions with high temperatures without losing its physicochemical properties.


Grease Lithium Complex EHG is used in heavy loaded mechanisms and bearings operated in a wide temperatures range from -15 up to 150 ºC with possible presence of water and/or emulsions and at medium and low speeds. Suitable for the steel industry, cement industry, in (metalworking) machinery , mining and public works. The grease can both be applied manually or trough centralized lubrications. Grease Lithium Complex EHG 2 is very suitable for lubrication of low speed mechanisms which suffer a lot from vibrations. It will as well avoid the entrance of water and water-oil emulsions used during metalworking processes. Its superior adhesion and adhesiveness to metal surfaces secures an optimum lubrication level.