Grease MoS2 2

MoS2 greases for bearings

Grease MoS2 are high quality lithium multipurpose and EP greases fortified with micronized molybdenum disulphide for enhanced extreme pressure and anti seize properties. They contain a synergistic blend of additives and performance boosters for optimum performance.


  • Versatile heavy duty greases with enhanced extreme pressure and anti seize performance
  • Excellent water resistance and good adherence to metal surfaces
  • Smooth texture and dropping point above 180 °C to ensure adequate performance in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications
  • Recommended for plain bearings, gears, slow sped rolling and regular contact bearings and all equipment which have adequate clearance for sold particles and where vibration or sliding motion can cause the grease to fail
  • Effectively protect against fretting corrosion encountered in splinted shafts, automotive ball and CV joints, pivot pins and parts subjected to oscillating motion
  • May be used under operating conditions such as dusty environment or under recurring shock loads
  • Can be conveniently dispensed through centralized lubrication systems