Grease Fluor HT

Extremely high temperature grease based on PFPE oil and PTFE thickener

Foodmax Grease HT-2 is a non-flammable white grease developed from a perfluoroalkyl-polyether-type oil, a micronised PTFE as thickener and an anticorrosion additive. It is totally inert physically and chemically in the event of aggression by all kinds of liquid or gaseous products (except for fluorinated solvents) and thermal and ionising radiation. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing process appear in the positive list of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and H-1 approval is possible on request.

Foodmax Grease HT-2 is suitable for the lubrication of all bearings, sliding bearings or joints subjected to extreme temperatures or to aggressive conditions capable of altering conventional lubricants. It is used principally for curing ovens in glass, textile, plastic film, paint, chemical, nuclear, and corrugated card industries. Foodmax Grease HT-2 is compatible with all widely used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics and metals. Foodmax Grease HT-2 is equally adapted for the lubrication in thin films of sliding electrical contacts or as dielectric agents.