Grease Fluor H

Extremely high temperature grease based on PFPE and PTFE thickener

Grease Fluor H is a white, homogeneous, butter-like perfluorinated polyether grease. Particularly resistant to oxygen, chemical agents and high temperatures. Grease Fluor H can be used in contact with hot and cold water, vapour, fuel, acids, alkaline products, non-fluorinated solvents and chlorinated solvents. Continuous operating temperature of 250 ºC. Can reach 280 ºC peak temperature in short period.


Grease Fluor H provides exceptional stability to heat and chemical agents and shows high efficiency in:

  • Electric motors bearings
  • Roller bearings in furnace wagon wheels
  • Thermal stabilized ball bearings in clip chains
  • Chain bearings in drying plants
  • Stenter chains bearings
  • Vacuum pump units
  • Handling and pumping of alkaline products and acids