Greases are often reffered to as 'black magic'. We believe it is just a matter of knowing what to use and where in order to provide the best solution. Our line of greases is therefore almost unlimited: a wide variety of thickener technologies, base oils and additives according to the latest technology and development allows us to provide greases which provide performance that goes beyond most of the common industrial greases.

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Calcium Sulfonate Greases

Calcium Sulfonates also reffered to as Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Complex are the most versatile of the calcium greases. Calcium Sulfonate is a high temperature grease with many excellent properties such as shear stability, corrosion inhibition, water resistance and an inherent high load carrying capability. Calcium Sulfonate is the only one of the calcium greases that can be considered a multipurpose grease. This type grease is considered the “last generation” greases and can be used in marine applications, the offshore and onshore industries, heavily loaded equipment applications and food machinery. Because of it’s unique properties Calcium Sulfonate grease find their way to the market as a real problem solving grease.



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