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Grease Lithium EX7 2

High efficiency grease intended for mechanisms operated in a wide range of temperatures as well as long life operation

This product has been formulated to offer a solution for various lubrications problems when working at temperatures between -55 and 150 ºC. It is capable of working without losing lubricating capacity, maintaining a lubricating film that avoids friction even when operating under severe conditions. It is formulated with a lithium soap and synthetic base oil. The additive package improves the lubricating capacity significantly, mainly at low temperatures. The high viscosity index base oil with the lubricant provides the product with a correct apparent dynamic viscosity at both low and high temperatures. The variation in temperature is low and its resistance to aging secures a life long lubrication. At low temperatures, a conventional lubricant would experience a too high viscosity increase which would make the grease stiff. With high temperatures a significant decrease of viscosity would be seen and consequently provoke a high reduction of the lubricating capacity. Then wear problems, bearing and mechanisms breakage would appear, resulting in unnecessary downtime.

It can work in a wide range of speeds, as well perfectly suitable in medium and high-speed operations FV=8×10^5.

Performance level

S/DIN 51825: K2P-50
S/ISO 6743-9: L-XEDEA 2

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264905101
    Grease Lithium EX7 2
    Pail 16kg

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