Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Matrix Specialty Lubricants  is committed to protect your integrity. This Cookie Statement describes how we collect all the data and how it is used on our website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are copied and saved to your hard drive from a website server. This automatically gives us certain data, e.g. IP address, your browser, the operating system of your computer and your internet connection. Cookies cannot be used to start programs or to put viruses on a computer. The information contained in cookies enables us to make navigation easier for you and to display our pages correctly.

Which cookies do we use?

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that are essential for the website to work. For example a so called ‘session’ cookie which makes sure that you don’t have to keep logging in on every page you visit, or a cookie that keeps track of your shopping cart on the website.

Analytics cookies

On our website we use Google Analytics to get a general picture of how visitors use the site, for example the number of times pages are viewed, how the visitors ended up on the website and the number of visits. The goal is to improve the user-friendliness of the website.  When we collect data, we never share them with third parties or establish a link with your personal data without obtaining your consent.

However, you can always view our website without cookies. Internet browsers are regularly set up in such a way that they accept cookies. You can disable the use of cookies through settings in your browser at any time. To find out how to change such settings, please refer to the help function of your internet browser. Please remember, however, that some functions on our website may not work if you disable the use of cookies.

Privacy Statement 

The possibility exists that the information provided by means of a cookie, contains personal data. If that is the case If that is the case, the privacy statement also applies to the processing of these personal data. The Privacy Statement can also be found on the website.


This Cookie Statement can be changed. Adjustments in this Cookie Statement will be announced on the website.