Metal Working Industry

Lubricants for the Metal Working Industry

Matrix Specialty Lubricants has a very extensive range of Metal Working Lubricants and Rust preventatives. In our documentation and tech data sheets the core range can be found, but we have a number of customized and custom made products available. Please feel free to consult our engineers for advise and support. The range of products for the Metal Working industry includes:

Water soluble coolant

  • Mineral based
  • Synthetic based
  • Micro emulsions
  • Boron & amine free product

Neat oils

  • Cold & hot forging products
  • Quenching fluids
  • Drawing & stamping fluids
  • Rust preventatives

Maintenance lubricants

  • Slide way lubricants
  • High speed spindle greases
  • Spindle lubricants
  • Additives & cleaners

Products in the Metal Working Industry

  • Industrial Spray Cans
  • Miscellaneous industry
  • Rust Preventatives
  • Water Soluble Metalworking Fluids
  • Way Guide Lubricants