Food Grade Lubricants & Greases

Food Grade Lubricants & Greases

Matrix Specialty Lubricants understands the importance of having safe and high-performing lubricants in the food processing industry. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of food grade lubricants that are specially designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of this industry. These lubricants are not only effective but also exceed the performance expectations of typical industrial lubricants.

In addition to their existing extensive portfolio of food grade lubricants, we continue to develop and add new products to better serve their customers. The company is dedicated to providing lubricants that meet the stringent requirements and protocols of the food processing industry, including NSF H1 certification for food contact. This ensures that the lubricants used in food processing plants are safe and will not contaminate raw materials, work-in-progress, or finished products.

The food processing industry presents unique challenges, but Matrix Specialty Lubricants is well equipped to meet them. By offering a comprehensive range of food grade lubricants that outperform high-tech industrial lubricants and greases, Matrix Specialty Lubricants is committed to providing its customers with safe, high-performing lubricants that meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

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Food Grade Lubricants brochure

This brochure offers a complete range of fluids, lubricants and greases for applications whenever a food grade lubricant is required. The high performance Foodmax® line is NSF approved and includes a range of spray cans.

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    Food Grade products for Bakeries

    Foodmax Grease CAS S 2 HS

    Food grade high performance grease with high resistance to high temperatures and speeds based on a PAO.

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    NSF H-1 and 3-H Approved Spray Cans

    Foodmax Easy Spray

    Universal lubricant for use in food processing equipment where incidental contact with food may occur.

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