Sugar Mill Industry

Lubricants for the Sugar Mill Industry

Continuity of production is the most vital asset in the sugar production industry. Since the sugar production is related to harvesting campaigns, a trouble-free 24-hour operation during the harvest period is something all production plants are looking for.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants offers a range of food grade and non-food grade lubricants and services for this industry which warrants not only trouble-free operation but saves money on lifetime of the equipment and maintenance.

The Matrix Foodmax® range is NSF, Kosher, and Halal approved

Challenges and Solutions in Sugar Mills



Demand for the use of Food Grade Lubricants (nontoxic) in the entire process
Matrix Specialty Lubricants offers a complete Foodmax® product range for the entire sugar industry
Cost saving
Using Foodmax® products can increase the lifetime of lubricants 4 to 5 times longer compared to conventional lubricants, which results in lower lubricants consumption
The demand of MOSH and MOAH free products
Foodmax® lubricants do not contain bad MOSH and MOAH, resulting in no MOSH & MOAH issues
Energy saving & Lower carbon footprint
By using Foodmax® products you lower the carbon footprint and the energy consumption due to the technology we use in our Foodmax® products
Bearings will break and the grease will leak out of the bearing (due to sugar water)
Foodmax® Grease Calcium Sulfonate Greases are extremely resistance against sugar water contamination, which sets them apart from most competitor greases that tend to leak out of bearings
Water & Moisture in Gearboxes
Foodmax® Gear (PAO) oils have excellent water separation properties. Standard mineral oils “emulsify” with water causing corrosion and viscosity issues
Strict OEM Requirements
A pro-active and knowledge-based approach of OEM’s by Matrix Specialty Lubricants
Numerous amounts of lubrication points
High performance standards of Foodmax® lubricants allow standardization and rationalization of your current lubricants portfolio by using advanced technology
Manufacturing of sugar is a seasonal phenomenon with a short crushing season normally from 4 / 7 months in a year. Equipment must run reliably, standstills are fatal
Maintenance and high-performance lubricants are crucial

Food Industry Approved

Sugar Mill Industry Flyer

Maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with our specially formulated sugar mill lubricants. Our Sugar Mill Industry Flyer outlines the benefits of using our products in this sector, including extended equipment lifespan, improved energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your sugar mill’s performance.

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