Chain Lubricants

Chain Lubricants

Chains have been a key element in various industries for a long time, appearing in numerous applications and in different sizes and shapes. Despite their widespread use, the proper lubrication of these components is often overlooked. General purpose lubricants can only do so much, which is why selecting the right chain lubricant is important for its proper functioning and longevity.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants understands the significance of proper chain lubrication and therefore provides a wide selection of chain oils. Different applications, temperatures, and operating conditions demand a specific solution, and Matrix Specialty Lubricants is well equipped to fulfill these requirements. The company utilizes advanced base oils and additive technology to produce chain oils that outperform many of its competitors in numerous areas.

Proper lubrication of chains is vital in ensuring their smooth operation. A well-lubricated chain helps minimize friction and wear, preventing the accumulation of dirt, rust, and other contaminants. This prolongs the life of the chain and avoids costly maintenance or replacement expenses. On the other hand, inadequate chain lubrication can cause severe problems such as breaking or coming off track, resulting in machine downtime and reduced productivity.

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This product group includes a range of specialty chain lubricants. All the products exceed performance expectations contributing to lower overall lubricant consumption, extended service intervals, increase production and equipment operating reliability, decreased maintenance costs and longer chain life.

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    Food Grade Chain Lubricants for Bakeries

    Foodmax® Chain HT-X

    Foodmax® Chain HT-X can withstand high temperature applications (> 250 °C) and is therefore suitable for bread ovens in bakeries.

    Water resistant Chain Lubricants with dewatering properties

    Chainmax WR

    The ability of a chain lubricant to protect the chain against corrosion is especially important for outdoor and corrosive ambient conditions.

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