Foodmax® Chain HT-X

High Temperatures

Food is very often transported in a food production plant by means of chains and conveyors. As this equipment is often exposed to water, cleaning agents, and extreme temperature variations, it is extremely important to select the right product.

Foodmax® Chain HT-X is based on highly polar biodegradable base oil and is inhibited against oxidation to give a long-wet film life at high temperatures. The highly polar molecules strongly adhere to the surface and withstand high temperatures, at the same time separating the moving parts thanks to its highly viscous lubricating film which is maintained at these high temperatures. This results in low carbon formation and low oxidation.

Foodmax® Chain HT-X can withstand high-temperature applications (> 250 °C) and is therefore suitable for bread ovens in bakeries. Foodmax® Chain HT-X will reduce wear on chains by using the latest available technology. It possesses outstanding anti-wear capacity and shows outstanding evaporation properties. Foodmax® Chain HT-X is smoke-free and inodorous.