Metalworking & Rust Preventatives

Metalworking & Rust Preventatives

Metalworking fluids, also known as cutting fluids, are essential for many metalworking operations such as drilling, cutting, and grinding. These fluids provide lubrication, cooling, and corrosion protection to the tools and equipment used in these operations, as well as to the metal parts themselves. However, not all metalworking fluids are created equal, and using the correct fluid for a specific application is crucial for achieving optimal performance and prolonging the life of the tools and equipment.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a metalworking fluid is its compatibility with the metal being worked on. Different metals require different types of lubricants and coolants, and using the wrong fluid can cause damage to the metal and reduce the efficiency of the operation. For example, aluminum and nonferrous metals require fluids that are specifically formulated to prevent corrosion and staining, while ferrous metals require fluids that provide good lubrication and cooling properties.

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This line of products includes the latest technology soluble metal working fluids, neat cutting oils, cold and hot forging, quenching, drawing and stamping products. In these brochures we have listed our most commonly used products. However if there is a specific requirement please do not hesitate to contact us or your local Matrix representative for support.

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    Metalworking Fluids (Water Soluble and Neat)

    Sol Plus series

    Despite the fact that modern metalworking fluids are designed and formulated to warrant trouble free operation, Matrix has developed a range of additives and cleaners which can be used to optimize the performance and trouble shoot in some cases.

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