Policy Statement


Policy Statement

Matrix Specialty Lubricants has been created by a group of enthusiastic people who have been working for major oil companies for many years. More and more they didn’t feel comfortable with the culture within these companies; slow, large and very impersonal. During the last couple of years major merges between oil companies have made things even worse. Very often the contact with the customer appears to be little or even doesn’t exist. These large oil companies reduced their R&D facilities to a minimum which have resulted in no further development of products and applications.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants is a company where the customer is a very close partner. A company in which the communication lines are very short and direct, and a company offering a high level of service and high performance products using the latest available technology and materials.


We provide certainty of business continuity by developing the right lubricating products and services for the right application while safeguarding current regulation norms.

We Share Knowledge 

We believe in knowledge sharing. Every individual has its own expertise, experience and skills. All these individuals combined deliver a sum of collective knowledge. By collaborating we enthusiastically share knowledge to bring greater value to our partners.

We Empower 

We do not only initiate, but encourage people to develop themselves to exceed every possible expectation. We help our distributors during their startup phase, train them and make sure they have the latest market and product information available to substantially grow their business

We are Flexible 

We are a highly flexible organization, who tries to find solutions in all cases. We offer a variety of grades within every segment. If not we can develop it, as we are always looking for the ultimate combination between our lubricants and the machinery and equipment it is designed for. Our research and development department is continuously creating new formulations in order to provide the right lubrication for all kinds of machinery. The passion to provide our customers a innovate solution is integrated in our business.

We Create Value 

We are always looking to add value. We provide our customers with an oil analysis programs, at sight service advice and lubrication education and training in order to ensure optimal performance. Besides we meet the latest lubricant specifications and provide our customers with official approvals on our products. The combination of outstanding products and services allows us to meet and exceed our customer’s demands.

We are a Personality 

We are a personality in the lubricant world. We ensure regular face to face contact with our customers for reviews and future business opportunities. We stand out from the crowd by being a sustainable brand who pays the highest attention to its processes and quality systems.

In order to optimize the processes and the quality of the output of the organization, the business operations of Matrix Specialty Lubricants must be properly secured and optimized. To achieve this, Matrix Specialty Lubricants has a management system set up and implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. Meeting the expectations of customers and relevant stakeholders and the continuous improvement of the internal organization is central.

A combination of risk inventories, internal project evaluations, customer satisfaction analyses and internal audits contributes to identifying possible improvements within the processes of our organization. By analyzing information and implementing improvements based on this information, a learning organization where continuous improvement is central.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants wants to limit its negative impact on the environment by ensuring that environmental management is an integral part of business operations. For this purpose, an ISO 14001 management system has been set up. The purpose of this management system is to ensure that the applicable legislation and regulations in the environmental field is transparent at all times, that legislation and regulations are complied with and that the performance with regard to the environmental aspects of the organization continues to improve. The most important environmental aspects of the organization are:

  • Energy consumption
  • Use of products by the customer
  • CO2 Emissions from transport

The scope of the management system is: Development and sales of sustainable lubricants and greases.