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Food Grade Lubricants for the Paper Industry

The very first step in manufacturing paper and carton food packages takes place at the producer of paper and board. In today’s modern world and with the ever-growing concerns for consumer safety and health awareness the technology of the lubrication and paper and board machines needs to be revised and changed dramatically.

Together with leading European producers of paper and board Matrix Specialty Lubricants has developed, tested, and successfully launched a line of products that is non-toxic, food grade and offers ultimate lubrication performance. By these means, we are meeting performance requirements as well as the ever-increasing demands by consumer organization and aware food producers who care for our health. By replacing conventional and traditional paper machine lubricants we offer an alternative that do not only comply to but also are ahead of today’s standards by the food and paper industries, both on performance and consumer safety.

Challenges and Solutions in Paper and Board Production



Parts subjected to steam and water
Hydrolytic and thermally stable lubricants
Elevated temperatures, either under normal or peak conditions
Foodmax® lubricants are designed to handle temperature fluctuations and provide protection also in challenging thermal conditions
High oil consumption in paper and board machines
The use of Foodmax® circulation oils reduce oil consumption by 10%
Increased wear as a result of frequent start-stop operations
Foodmax® lubricants are designed to offer maximum protection on start-up
Oil contamination by process chemicals
Foodmax® circulation oils offer excellent filterability. Matrix offers oil analysis and trend monitoring to ensure performance
Numerous amounts of lubrication points
High performance standards of Foodmax® lubricants allow standardization and rationalization of your current lubricants portfolio by using advanced technology
Temperature control and grease degradation in high bearing speeds
Reducing internal friction increases grease and bearing lifetime
Lack of hydrodynamic lubrication in low speed and heavily loaded bearings
High viscosity base oils and functional thickeners used in greases are the solution to premature wear and unexpected bearing breakdowns
Static electricity build-up in high-flow filters in the wet end
A zinc-free and non-toxic, high performance hydraulic lubricant that releases static electricity
Strict OEM requirements
A pro-active and knowledge-based approach of OEM’s by Matrix Specialty Lubricants
Fulfill latest demands from food producers requesting food safe paper and board products
Foodmax®: High technology food grade lubricants outperforming conventional oils

Food Industry Approved

Paper Industry Flyer

Discover the benefits of using food industry approved lubricants in the paper industry with our latest Paper Industry Flyer. Our extensive range of food grade lubricants have been specifically formulated to meet the unique challenges of the food processing industry and offer superior performance compared to standard industrial lubricants.

Download our Paper Industry Flyer today to learn more about how our products can enhance the efficiency and longevity of machines and equipment in the paper industry.