Foodmax Clean Wipes

Product Development

These strong two-sided cleaning wipes with a powerful cleaner in a resealable container are suitable to clean equipment, machine parts, work areas, tools, hands, and many other surfaces. It effectively removes heavy pollutions like oil, greases, tar, PU foam, resin, soot, grass stains, paint, ink, marker, toner and graffiti.

The Foodmax Clean Wipes are easy and cheap to use, do not fluff, leave hardly any residue and have a pleasant smell. It won’t scratch or mark, does not contain water and are gentle on hands and skin.

We also have the Foodmax Clean Wipes Plus, if more rubbing power is needed. Both of the products are NSF A1 approved!

Would you like to have more information about the Foodmax Clean Wipes? Ask your Matrix advisor!