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Airtop HT 32  |  Compressor- and Vacuumpump Fluids

Airtop HT 32

Air Compressor Oils
Synthetic Oil for rotary and reciprocating Compressors

These compressor fluids are formulated with hydrocracked and synthetic base stocks and special synergistic high performance additives specifically for compressor applications.

They are used as lubricants/coolants in rotary screw air compressors. Due to their performance characteristics these lubricants are suitable for all compressor designs, such as lobe, rotary vane, reciprocating etc. compressors. Also used for mechanical vacuum pumps.

  • Excellent carbon and varnish control to help reduce valve deposits
  • Excellent film strength and anti-wear properties
  • Excellent oxidation stability and long life at very high temperatures
  • Excellent rust & corrosion control
  • Low volatility and carry over into filters and storage tanks
  • Very good coolant properties to help dissipate compressor heat
  • Very high flash & auto-ignition points for added safety
  • Very high VI index or better compressor protection at elevated temperatures
  • Very long life fluid allows for extended oil drains

Performance level

DIN 51506 VDL
ISO 6743-3A DAJ

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 261501601
    Airtop HT 32
    Pail 20ltr
  • 261501601
    Airtop HT 32
    IBC 1000ltr
  • 261501601
    Airtop HT 32
    CRT 12x1ltr
  • 261501601
    Airtop HT 32
    CRT 4x5ltr
  • 261501601
    Airtop HT 32
    Drum 208ltr

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