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Cleanmax 1313

High Pressure Cleaner

This product is a high pressure, low foam aqueous cleaner to be diluted with water and used for cleaning all types of parts based on a water solution with tension active agents with high degreasing power.

Suitable to remove oils, metal working fluids, dirty and dusty environments, grease in industrial vehicles, trains, trucks, cars, parts and components.

It can be applied by spraying or jet.
Concentration level depends upon the dirt of the surfaces. However, for general purpose use concentrations between 2 to 5 %.

Mixing conditions
Dilutions can be easily checked by Refractometer.
% Concentration = Refractometer Reading x 2,5

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 262100101
    Cleanmax 1313
    Pail 20ltr

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