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Coolmax CFC 32  |  Refrigeration Fluids

Coolmax CFC 32

Refrigeration Fluids
Compressor lubricant for CFC refrigeration systems

This product is formulated for use in refrigeration systems that use chlorinated fluorocarbon refrigerants. It is a highly refined naphthenic oil with excellent low temperature properties and a very low wax content in order to avoid flocculation problems in service.

Recommended for general purpose lubrication of refrigerator compressors working with CFC (chlorinated fluoro-carbon) refrigerants such as R11 and R12. It may also be used for HCFC (hydro chlorinated fluorocarbon) refrigerants such as R22, R123, R-124, R-141b, R142b, R-502 and Methyl Chloride, Carbon Dioxide (R-744) and Ammonia (R-717) at moderate temperatures. The product is not suitable for use with HFC refrigerants such as R134a or R23.

  • Better fluidity at lower temperatures which warrant a better efficiency and avoids blockage of pipes and coolers
  • Good dispersibility for optimal heat transfer and oil return
  • Greater chemical resistance against reactions with the refrigerant

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 262200101
    Coolmax CFC 32
    Pail 20ltr
  • 262200101
    Coolmax CFC 32
    CRT 4x5ltr
  • 262200101
    Coolmax CFC 32
    CRT 12x1ltr

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