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Food Grade
Foodmax 1001 HE-3  |  Metalworking Fluids
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    Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 159074

Foodmax 1001 HE-3

Metalworking Fluids
Food grade stamping and forming oil with degreasing properties

This product is a low viscosity evaporate oil formulated for stamping and forming applications. It contains special polar compounds for more effective operation. Correct use of this product which is leaving no residues is leading to less costs for cleaning and degreasing of parts after the process. In its’ given form this product can also be used as food grade evaporative cleaner and degreaser.

Suitable for stamping and cutting of all type of parts and materials, aluminium in particular. Strongly recommended for use on metals in contact with food and beverages such as like pull tab ends, tops, jar lids and bottle caps. Complies with FDA Federal Additives Regulations, 21 CFR, Section 178.3910. The product may be applied pure with brush, cloth or similar. Depending on the time between the various forming and or stamping steps in the production process Foodmax 1001 HE-3 might be recommended (longer evaporating time) Both Foodmax 1001 HE-2 and Foodmax 1001 HE-3 can also be used for cleaning and degreasing tools and equipment.

Matrix has a range of forming and stamping products for the metal packaging industry which include:

Foodmax 1001 HE-2
Foodmax Basic 150
Foodmax Basic 200
Foodmax P 220

Please consult TDS for more information on applications.

  • Avoids contact between part and die
  • Better part finishing
  • Contributes to food safety
  • Does not contain aromatics
  • Easy to apply
  • Foodmax 1001 HE-3 Complies with 2002/72/EC (hydrocarbons)
  • Foodmax 1001 HE-3 complies with 21 CFR 178.3910 (b)
  • Foodmax 1001 HE-3 is Kosher & Halal certified
  • Foodmax 1001 HE-3 is NSF approved
  • Less defect in parts
  • Minimum wear on tools
  • No residues left
  • Outstanding cleaning and degreasing properties

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264300401
    Foodmax 1001 HE-3
    Drum 210ltr
  • 264300401
    Foodmax 1001 HE-3
    Pail 20ltr

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