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Food Grade
Foodmax Grease CAS Spray  |  Spraycans
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    Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 158873

Foodmax Grease CAS Spray #18

Foodgrade Spray Cans
Sprayable high temperature high performance foodgrade grease

This product is a fully synthetic food grade spray grease based on calcium sulphonate. This technology is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear and excellent resistance to water and steam and corrosion. This technology equals and in many ways outperforms any other spray grease.

Foodmax Grease CAS Spray is H-1 approved for use in food processing equipment where incidental contact with food may occur. They are designed to provide superior performance at low and elevated temperatures (from -40 up to over 200 ºC) and during periods of infrequent lubrication in food processing applications. It is best suited for low to medium applications under adverse conditions including the combined action of (salt) water, steam, temperature and other foreign material such as process fluids which are seen in sugar beet processing. Foodmax Grease CAS can be used for general lubrication, slide ways, chains and high load bearings in the food industry.

Available packaging

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  • 262500901
    Foodmax Grease CAS Spray #18
    CRT 12x400ml

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