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Geartop HP 460

Gear Oils
New technology EP oils range for any gear type

This product is formulated with a new generation of technically advanced additives and paraffinic base fluids which show higher performance compared to conventional gear lubricants. It is advised in any type of gearbox and in general whenever an extreme pressure lubricant is required. This product is absolutely free of lead and silicone components.

These products are suitable for many applications including bearings lubricated by centralized lubrication systems, bath or circulation and can be used in friction bearings as well. Recommended for transmission components such as reducers, variators and gearboxes operating under heavy loads or stringent operating conditions.

  • Decreasing oil temperature between 7 and 20 °C (depending on gearbox type and conditions)
  • Excellent anti wear capacity
  • Excellent compatibility with mineral lubricants
  • Improved economical life of equipment
  • Improved lifetime of the lubricant
  • Minimizes gear pitting
  • Noise reduction
  • Optimal anticorrosive protection
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Thermal stability

Performance level

AGMA 250.04
AGMA 9005-E02
DIN 51517 PART 3 CLP

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 261204001
    Geartop HP 460
    Pail 20ltr
  • 261204001
    Geartop HP 460
    Drum 210ltr

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