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Grease CGL LS 00  |  Greases

Grease CGL LS 00

Synthetic high performance semi- fluid grease for closed gears in the industry

This product is a synthetic lubricating grease especially designed for the lubrication of closed gears and systems requiring a long life grease with excellent resistance to aging within a wide range of operating temperatures under very severe service conditions. The product is provided with high stability and high adhesion properties and provides life lubrication reducing maintenance costs. The selection of synthetic base oils with high lubricating power ensures effective protection against corrosion and reduces the typical tendency to leak (gearboxes) by maintaining correct fluid levels and sealing capacity.

This product is formulated according to the latest performance specification for the use in closed gears, endless crown reducers and variators. Also suitable for worm gears and heavily loaded gears.

  • Excellent compatibility with elastomers and rubber gaskets and seals
  • Meets Daniele Type 9 standards
  • Prevents against corrosion
  • Suitable for heavy loads and worm gears
  • Suitable for lubricated for life applications

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264902001
    Grease CGL LS 00
    Pail 18kg
  • 264902001
    Grease CGL LS 00
    Drum 185kg

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