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Inomax H 1 R  |  Greases

Inomax H 1 R

Aluminum Complex
Running in and priming lubricants for open gears

Inomax H-00/R is a mineral based lubricant with solid lubricants. It is specially formulated for the running-in of new gears and avoids seizing with limited loads. Inomax H-00/R is also used when early pitting and seizing occurs, to level or smoothen the tooth flanks.

Inomax H-00/R is suitable to be applied by continuous automatic spraying systems at maximum flow. The running-in period of the new gear with Inomax H-00/R is 300 to 400 hours, depending on the gear type and type of damage (in case of early pitting and seizing). This product however should be applied manually, until a sufficient coating is obtained on the teeth flanks. In order to get the maximum performance and adhesion the surface of the teeth should be cleaned first. Should never be ran through the pump of the spray system.

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 264908001
    Inomax H 1 R
    Pail 18kg
  • 264908001
    Inomax H 1 R
    Drum 185kg

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