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Performance MD  |  Spraycans

Performance MD #64

Industrial Spray Cans
Dry lubricant coating containing MoS2

This product is a fast drying, resin bonded, lubricating coating containing Molybdenum Disulphide which lubricates and protects components from seizure and wear.

Performance MD can be used for assembly lubrication, stenter cross screws, plain bearings, gears, cams, slide ways, press fitting bushes, liners and shafts, pre-treatment of slides and guides, high temperature lubrication and release and function as anti-seize for fasteners.

  • Aerosol pack for ease of application
  • Dry coating
  • Eases assembly and dismantling
  • Effective lubricant for all metal surfaces
  • Extreme load carrying capacity
  • Prevents against scoring and seizure
  • Protects components from fretting corrosion
  • Provides uniform smooth coating on complex components
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Wide operating temperature range

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 267801401
    Performance MD #64
    CRT 12x400ml

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