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Silicon 500

Industrial Specialty Products
Technical grade dimethyl silicone fluids

Dimethyl Silicone Fluids are clear, white, inert and odourless dimethyl polysiloxane fluids. The actual viscosity is controlled within +5% of the desired viscosity. These fluids are manufactured in the viscosity range from 20 cps to 300.000 cps. In chemical structure Dimethyl silicone fluids are quite different from other fluids having a backbone of silicon-oxygen linkage. The advantage of this is a linkage much stronger than a typical carbon-carbon chain and is more resistant to attack by temperature extremes, oxidation, shear stresses and chemicals than other similar organic fluids and also show good dielectric properties Dimethyl Silicone fluids are soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and low molecular weight aromatic solvents. They have limited solubility in alcohols, ethers, acetone and glycols (solubility here depending on viscosity).

Silicone fluids have numerous applications in almost every industry: cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (Creams/lotions/hair care contraceptives), polishes high gloss for automobile and furniture), release agent (plastic/rubber/non-ferrous die casting), liquid springs and shock absorbers, heat transfer, power transmission, rust prevention, hydraulic fluids, dielectric fluids, damping, water repellence for aerated cement slabs/bricks, paint and coating Additives, lubricants, textile finishing, spinneret cleaner.

  • Chemical inertness: they are chemically inert to most common materials
  • Dielectric properties: electrical grade silicone fluids offer excellent dielectric properties that are
  • High compressibility: silicone fluids are highly compressible and thus more suitable for hydraulic purposes in comparison to hydrocarbon systems
  • Low flammability: flash point is in the range of 250 °C to 300 °C and auto ignition temperature is ranging from 438 °C to 460 °C
  • Low service tension: silicone fluids have unusually low surface tensions that provide easy and efficient spreading, high surface activity and low internal cohesive energies
  • Maintained for prolonged periods, even under adverse operating conditions
  • Non-corrosive: silicone fluids contain no acid producing chemicals to cause staining or corrosion
  • Oxidation stability: oxidation stability of these fluids is excellent up to 200 °C where sludging is eliminated that occurs with mineral oils above 150 °C
  • Shear stability: shear stability of such fluids can be as much as twenty times that of quality petroleum oils
  • Thermal stability: silicone fluids show excellent stability when exposed to high temperatures. They are stable from -57 °C to 200 °C for extended periods and can exceed this for short periods

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    Silicon 500
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