Metalworking & Rust Preventatives

Complete range of products for metalworking including neat, soluble, forging and cutting fluids as well as rust preventative products.

Rust Preventatives

Rust can occur after machining of metal parts and during storage. In order to protect expensive parts Matrix Specialty Lubricants has developed a range of rust preventatives for almost all applications. The use of these products will reduce or eliminate the damaging effects of oxygen, moisture, detergents, salt and other types of contaminants. Whether you would like to protect parts for a short or longer period of time, the Matrix Anti Rust line of corrosion inhibitors will provide a solution.

Benefits of using Matrix Anti Rust products;

  • Better protection of parts
  • Limited Health and Safety concerns by using low aromatic, solvent free and water based products
  • Savings as a result of better protection (less scrapping of metal parts)
  • Better product finishing Improved image and reputation



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