Food & Beverage Industry

Lubricants for the Food & Beverage Industry

For all sectors of the food and beverage industries, Matrix Specialty Lubricants has developed lubricants greases and sprays which meets or exceeds the performance requirements of vacuum pumps, compressors, hydraulic systems, chains and conveyors, gearboxes used in cleaning units, filling, capping and labelling machines, shrink tunnels, deep-freezing tunnels or pellet presses.

Most of our lubricants for the food and beverage industries are NSF 3H, H1, HT1, C1, A1, K1 and K2 registered, enabling lubrication of the complete production line with approved lubricants.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants is ISO 21469 certified company.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants' products for the Bakery Industry

Challenges and Solutions in Bakeries



  • Demand for the use of food grade lubricants (non-toxic) in the entire process
Matrix Specialty Lubricants offers a complete Foodmax® (food grade) product range for the entire bakery industry.
  • Cost saving
Using Foodmax® products can increase the lifetime of lubricants 4 to 5 times longer compared to conventional lubricants, resulting in lower lubricant consumption.
  • The demand for MOSH and MOAH-free products
Foodmax® lubricants do not contain harmful MOSH and MOAH, eliminating MOSH & MOAH issues.
  • Energy saving & lower carbon footprint
By using Foodmax® products, you can reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption due to our advanced technology.
  • Rationalization of lubricants
The higher performance of food-grade lubricants allows for rationalization, easier stock keeping (fewer SKUs), and eliminates the risk of mixing and unwanted contamination.
  • Bearing failure (due to dust and moisture)
Choosing the right grease can extend the bearing lifetime, even in challenging environments with dust and moisture.


Bakery Industry Flyer

Our flyer is a valuable resource, offering a comprehensive overview of your bakery’s machinery and their lubrication points. We have carefully matched each lubrication point with the perfect product from our wide range, guaranteeing optimal performance and protection.

Download your copy of this informative flyer and discover the tailored solutions we can provide for industrial bakeries.

    Products in the Food & Beverage Industry

    • Biodegradable Greases
    • Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids
    • Food Grade Chain & Conveyor Lubricants
    • Food Grade Compressor & Vacuumpump Fluids
    • Food Grade Gear Lubricants
    • Food Grade Greases
    • Food Grade Hydraulic Lubricants
    • Food Grade Spray Cans
    • Other Food Grade Lubricants & Fluids