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Food Grade
  • Nonfood Components Program Listed
    H1 151578

Foodmax Chain LT

Chain Lubricants
Food grade oil for the lubrication of drive and conveyor chains in low temperature applications

This product is based on a blend of synthetic hydrocarbons and is inhibited against oxidation to give a long-wet film life over wide temperature. It is designed for the lubrication of conveyor chains and bearings running continuously at low temperatures, down to minimum of – 40°C and on chains that are moving slowly.

For drive and conveyor chains: apply sparingly by brush or oil can as required. Can also be applied automatically using a central drip feed system.

  • Avoids high speed splashing and therefore staining of fabrics
  • Does not form hard carbon deposits
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Low volatility that reduces the evaporation residues
  • Miscible with esters, mineral oils and other synthetic hydrocarbons
  • Penetrates to the links and pins reducing wear and extending chain life

Available packaging

  • Productcode
  • 263200801
    Foodmax Chain LT
    Pail 20ltr
  • 263200801
    Foodmax Chain LT
    Drum 210ltr

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