The role of greases as lubricants is to form by blending a liquid lubricant with a thickening agent. The properties of the grease depend on the type of thickener used, the base oil, and the additive technology. At Matrix Specialty Lubricants, we utilize a wide range of components in the production of greases, resulting in an extensive range of greases suitable for various applications.

We understand that some situations may call for specific adjustments or even a completely new formulation. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect grease for your application, and we welcome you to reach out to us for assistance in selecting the right product.

Our team is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise in lubricant production, which we pass on through our internal and external training programs, as well as our customer information sessions. The Matrix Academy offers a variety of modules to ensure that our team, distributors, partners, and even customers are equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about lubricant selection.

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An extensive range of specialty greases and pastes, including polyurea, calcium sulphonate, aluminium, barium, silicon, inorganic and PFPE. By using the latest technology and materials we are able to provide high performance and problem solving products.

In this brochure the properties or the core range of greases are illustrated and explained.

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    Selecting the Right Grease for the Right Application?

    High performance and problem solving products

    Not all thickeners and base oils are compatible with each other. It is important to determine this before changing over from one type of grease to another if compatibility might be an issue.

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