Animal Feed Industry

Lubricants for the Animal Feed Industry

The animal feed industry is a vital part of the agricultural sector, responsible for producing and distributing feed for a wide range of animals including cattle, pigs, chickens and fish. The production of animal feed requires the use of various types of machinery and equipment, which are subject to wear and tear from continuous operation. Lubricants play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of this equipment, and in ensuring the safety and quality of the feed produced.

One of the main benefits of lubricants in the animal feed industry is their ability to reduce friction and wear on machinery and equipment. Lubricants help to keep moving parts functioning smoothly, which reduces the risk of breakdowns and downtime. This is especially important in the animal feed industry, where downtime can lead to significant losses in production and revenue.

Lubricants also play a key role in maintaining the hygiene and safety of the feed produced. The use of food-grade lubricants in animal feed production equipment ensures that there is no contamination of the feed with harmful chemicals or other contaminants. This is critical for maintaining the safety and quality of the feed, and for protecting the health of the animals that consume it.

Another important aspect of lubrication in the animal feed industry is energy efficiency. Lubricants help to reduce friction and wear on machinery and equipment, which can lead to significant energy savings. This can help to lower the cost of production and reduce the environmental impact of the animal feed industry.

In the animal feed industry, biodegradable lubricants can be specially used in outdoor equipment such as feed mixers, grinders and conveyors that are used in the field. These lubricants are less harmful to the environment, and do not leave any harmful residue in the soil or water, which reduces the risk of harm to wildlife and other living organisms.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants' products for the Animal Feed Industry


Challenges and Solutions in Animal Feed Mills



  • Demand for the use of Food Grade Lubricants (nontoxic) in the entire process
Matrix Specialty Lubricants offers a complete Foodmax® product range for the entire Animal Feed industry
  • Cost saving
Using Foodmax® products can increase the lifetime of lubricants 4 to 5 times longer compared to conventional lubricants, which results in lower lubricants consumption. Customers have had successes up to 75% less grease consumption
  • The demand of MOSH and MOAH free products
Foodmax® lubricants do not contain bad MOSH and MOAH, resulting in no MOSH & MOAH issues
  • Bearing failure (due to high load)
The right choice of our Foodmax® Grease can extend the bearing lifetime by thousands of hours
  • Energy saving & Lower carbon footprint
By using Foodmax® products you lower the carbon footprint and the energy consumption due to the technology, we use in our Foodmax® product
  • Rationalization of lubricants
Higher performance of foodgrade lubricants allows rationalization. Easier stock keeping (less SKU’s). No risk of mixing and unwanted contamination
  • Strict OEM requirements
Matrix Specialty Lubricants has OEM approvals and references in the Animal Feed industry


Animal Feed Industry Flyer

In the animal feed industry, there is a demand for use of high-performance food grade lubricants. This is an industry with a variety of difficulties when it comes to the lubrication of the plants. Heavy loads, shocks, temperature changes, dust and water are daily elements that affect this industry. Matrix Specialty Lubricants offers high performance food grade lubricants, that will significantly lower the grease consumption and extend the bearing lifetime with thousands of hours.

Please download our new flyer that will provide you with a complete overview of the applications the plant uses and the recommended lubricants with their benefits.