Coolmax HTA

Refrigeration Fluids

The refrigeration industry has been on the move for a number of years. Being a relatively conservative industry, they have been faced with many changes since the Montreal protocol came in place. New type of refrigerants requires new type of lubricants. Retro-fit procedures were (and still are) needed to change over systems from old refrigerants to new HFC and blended refrigerants. To make this change special attention is required to the lubricant of choice. Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV has a very extensive range of refrigeration compressor fluids.

Coolmax HTA ammonia compressor fluids are formulated specifically for ammonia refrigeration. They combine low temperature fluidity with very low solubility in ammonia to provide superior lubrication for ammonia compressors. Thanks to the low volatility users will experience up to 80% less oil consumption in comparison to naphthenic products. Compared to naphthenic oils the lifetime of the oil can be extended with factor 5, depending on the condition of the equipment and system temperature.

Ammonia refrigeration systems are used a lot in the food production and food storage. To completely eliminate potential contamination of toxic material (BRC requirement) we gained the NSF H-1 approval for Coolmax HTA. This makes it a safe product, for use in and around food processing areas where incidental food contact can occur.

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