Metal Working Industry

Lubricants for the MetalWorking Industry

Matrix Specialty Lubricants has a very extensive range of Metal Working Lubricants and Rust preventatives. In our documentation and tech data sheets the core range can be found, but we have a number of customized and custom made products available dedicated only for metalworking industry. Please feel free to consult our engineers for advise and support. The range of products for the Metal Working industry includes:

Water soluble coolant

  • Mineral based
  • Synthetic based
  • Micro emulsions
  • Boron & amine free product

Neat oils

  • Cold & hot forging products
  • Quenching fluids
  • Drawing & stamping fluids
  • Rust preventatives

Maintenance lubricants

  • Slide way lubricants
  • High speed spindle greases
  • Spindle lubricants
  • Additives & cleaners

Products in the Metal Working Industry

  • Industrial Spray Cans
  • Miscellaneous industry
  • Rust Preventatives
  • Water Soluble Metalworking Fluids
  • Way Guide Lubricants